Colchester United

Academy Ground:                                                      Florence Park, Grange Road, Tiptree, Essex, CO5 0UH                             


Academy Director/Manager:                                     Jon De Souza        


First Team Players:                                                      Colchester United First Team                                    


Academy Team Players:                                             Colchester United Under-23’s

                                                                                      Colchester United Under-18’s




The Colchester Academy:

Colchester’s academy team have a clear long-term goal of creating the best young footballers they can or at least giving them the tools to play in the first team. At FootieBugs we share the same ethos and have found players that have gone on to play for local professional teams, which is a massive bonus of our fun sessions. The approach that makes Colchester different however, to most category 2 sides is that as a minimum the expect huge commitment from players, but also the background staff, which is great to see. We also think it’s unfair to put all the pressure on kid’s these days and so we take a look at our coaches by reviewing their work every session. 


Academy Status: Colchester are a category 2 status academy

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Academy Staff:

Jon De Souza, the clubs academy manager knows the league better than anyone having coached previously at Brentford and Luton Town he has a strong repertoire of lower league football.   
 David Wright is the Under-18’s manager at the club that has had a hand at all levels in professional football. He has been a coach, a player and now a manager and is looking to find similar players with the drive to succeed in today’s game.  


How to get noticed by a scout

Generally, premier league clubs are closely following open trials as a way of pinpointing the newest talent, as well as having a vast network of scouts across the UK. Scouts are often preferential over structured leagues or with players of a high standard, playing together. This is one thing that FootieBugs academy can offer through our weekly training sessions and games against local teams managed by professional coaches. Because we cover a range of age groups at U6’s-U14’s we have a high demand for young upcoming talent and receive frequent scouts visiting our training sessions and matches. Due to the professional coaches we have available that have all played at a high level, we are able to distinguish which players are leagues above in terms of skill and can refer them onto Premier League clubs.



“If you’re good enough, generally they’ll find you.”


Colchester Academy Scouting System:

After a scout has seen a player, they will usually contact them and invite them to a trial day, otherwise the more common method of finding talents from all over are through football trial days and football camps. FootieBugs goes the extra mile in making your job easier as a parent and a young footballer. With our focused training sessions, the FootieBugs Academy will try it’s best to match your ability with a club who will nurture your talent . We will shape a football player into a footballer, by working on improving the child’s overall game and their image to scouts at Premier League Clubs.

This is where the FootieBugs Academy thrives, not only will FootieBugs look to put players forward to Colchester when they feel they are ready, but FootieBugs will also ensure that Colchester will be fully aware of what training each player will have received from the FootieBugs Academy and why the player has shown enough (Footballing skill as well as dedication and attitude) to be worthy of a trial.


If you feel your child shows promise and would like us to help them reach the level for us to recommend them to the Colchester scouting network then please complete the following form:

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Colchester Academy trials

As you can imagine, a large number of young football players would like to join the Colchester Academy set up and with clubs like Colchester receiving trial requests all the time it’s very difficult to get noticed.

FootieBugs Academy believes that with correct training and dedication we can dramatically increase your chances of getting a trial with the Colchester Academy.

Once a player reaches the standards that a club of Colchester’s stature would expect then the FootieBugs team will do everything in its powers to introduce the player to the relevant Colchester scout.



Find out more about the FootieBugs Academy


FootieBugs Academy FAQ’s


The FootieBugs Academy is an independent organization and not part of any specific football club. This allows us to offer an honest and fair view of any players’ ability and suitability to join a professional Football Club. Although we will do everything in our power to help young players develop, we are unable to guarantee every player a trial. If you are looking for official club information then please visit the club’s official website as we can-not guarantee that all information is correct and up to date at the time of reading.

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