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Academy Ground: The Academy, The Liverpool Way, Kirkby, Liverpool, L33 7ED.


Academy Director/Manager:                                    Alex Inglethorpe – Under 23’s coach


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The Liverpool Academy:

Liverpool have produced some of the biggest talents in English football in the past years, including high-profiled players such as Steven Gerard, Jamie Carragher and Trent-Alexander Arnold. Without a doubt, they have a proven track record with filtering players from their academy into their first team, and that’s one of the reasons we would recommend their academy for talented youth players.

They have not only just become a talking point… they have always been a top tier club. This is why FootieBugs are proud to be coaching children to play with the same confidence that these academy players have been doing over the years.

The Reds have had 23 players break into the first team since 2000, from positions all over the field. That’s enough for a full squad! these debutants have had the chance to play on the biggest stages in football. This has meant players have been flown across Europe to play for some of the most prestigious trophies, living out there dreams as young footballer. One thing that these players all have in common however, is that they learnt how to play football at an early age, which is where FootieBugs come in.


Academy Of Old

Old school full-back Stephen Warnock played some of his best football at Liverpool, with 67 games for the first team he was one of the more successful players to come out of the academy despite not being gifted with skill. Warnock left the club with his head held high having exceeded any expectations from his coaches and went on to have spells at lower league clubs Aston Villa and Blackburn Rovers. To this day fans speak highly of his time at the club.

Liverpool sparring partners Carragher and Gerrard achieved everything they possibly could, and all at an early age, most famously their 2005 Champions League Victory won the hearts of football fans across the world, even Manchester United! Over the years the two players developed an unbreakable bond on and off the pitch which we agree has been influential to their chemistry as footballers.


At FootieBugs we believe playing attractive football is what makes Liverpool the club they are, this is why our coaches structure the academy around good quality football. We can give your child all the tools needed to succeed at Liverpool Academy just like Trent Alexander Arnold, Steven Gerard Etc. Furthermore, with our coaches help, there is every chance that your child can be the next Steven Gerrard.



But what about Liverpool Academy’s more recent success

Trent Alexander-Arnold has most recently been flying the academy flag with pride after budging first choice right-back  Nathaniel Clyne out of the team. Alexander-Arnold has been defensively solid at the back all season and there have also been whispers of him joining the England World Cup squad. What makes Alexander-Arnold’s story interesting is that his name was drawn out of a hat at school to play at a training camp for Liverpool and he didn’t actually show an interest in football as much as his friends. However after going to the trials, the scouts were impressed by his ability and he continued to play for the under 16’s team. At FootieBugs we can double a child’s chances to get spotted by a football club. Alexander-Arnold admits to this day that he was “fortunate” to be spotted that way.


Premier League clubs aren’t always the first stepping stone, in fact it is very rare that a player will play their football initially with a PL club. That is why FootieBugs Academy is the perfect bridge between fun and competitive football. Our job is to get your child spotted by the teams they know and love and we believe that it is imperative for a child to be playing at a high level which we offer.


Academy Status: Liverpool is a Category 1 status academy

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Academy Staff:

Michael Edwards is the “Sporting Director” at the club and involved in player identification, new signings and improvement of training infrastructure. His job is to scout across the country at all league levels to find top quality players to strengthen the top four side. Having previously worked at Tottenham Hotspur, Edwards understands what is needed to succeed at the highest level. After working closely with Jurgen Klopp this season, the manager believes that he is the best man for the job.
Under 18’s Manager Steven Gerard returned to his old club Liverpool to coach the youth squad, after finishing his career in the U.S. This opens up an exciting opportunity for youngsters in the Liverpool Academy club legend Steven Gerard has won it all at the club and was once in the players positions. Not many Premier League clubs can say that they have a club legend directing their development team.
Under 23’s coach Alex Inglethorpe has an important role at the club of mirroring Klopp’s style of play throughout the academy development, this is so that they play in a recognisable style and are able to replicate it at an early age. Inglethorpe has worked at one of England’s top clubs being an assistant to Tottenham caretaker manager Clive All. During this time he worked with player Real Madrid superstar Gareth Bale.

How to get noticed by a scout

Generally, premier league clubs are closely following open trials as a way of pinpointing the newest talent, as well as having a vast network of scouts across the UK. Scouts are often preferential over structured leagues or with players of a high standard, playing together. This is one thing that FootieBugs academy can offer through our weekly training sessions and games against local teams managed by professional coaches. Because we cover a range of age groups at U6’s-U14’s we have a high demand for young upcoming talent and receive frequent scouts visiting our training sessions and matches. Due to the professional coaches we have available that have all played at a high level, we are able to distinguish which players are leagues above in terms of skill and can refer them onto Premier League clubs.



“If you’re good enough, generally they’ll find you.”


Liverpool FC Academy Scouting System:

After a scout has seen a player, they will usually contact them and invite them to a trial day, otherwise the more common method of finding talents from all over are through football trial days and football camps. FootieBugs goes the extra mile in making your job easier as a parent and a young footballer. With our focused training sessions, the FootieBugs Academy will try it’s best to match your ability with a club who will nurture your talent . We will shape a football player into a footballer, by working on improving the child’s overall game and their image to scouts at Premier League Clubs.

This is where the FootieBugs Academy thrives, not only will FootieBugs look to put players forward to Liverpool when they feel they are ready, but FootieBugs will also ensure Liverpool will be fully aware of what training each player will have received from the FootieBugs Academy and why the player has shown enough (Footballing skill as well as dedication and attitude) to be worthy of a trial.


If you feel your child shows promise and would like us to help them reach the level for us to recommend them to the Liverpool scouting network then please complete the following form:

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Liverpool Academy trials

As you can imagine, a large number of young football players would like to join the Liverpool Academy set up and with clubs like Liverpool receiving trial requests all the time it’s very difficult to get noticed.

FootieBugs Academy believes that with correct training and dedication we can dramatically increase your chances of getting a trial with the Liverpool Academy.

Once a player reaches the standards that a club of Liverpool’s stature would expect then the FootieBugs team will do everything in its powers to introduce the player to the relevant Liverpool scout.




Having been a professional footballer where I have played and seen what fantastic facilities the Liverpool Academy has to offer to their young players, I truly believe the facilities, coaching staff and players are some of the best in the world. The Liverpool Academy is renowned for looking after their players individually and as a team and they truly have all the player’s interests at heart and this is why I will continue to approve players being introduced to The Liverpool Academy. 


Ashley Sammons – FootieBugs Academy Director



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The FootieBugs Academy is an independent organization and not part of any specific football club. This allows us to offer an honest and fair view of any players’ ability and suitability to join a professional Football Club. Although we will do everything in our power to help young players develop, we are unable to guarantee every player a trial. If you are looking for official club information then please visit the club’s official website as we can-not guarantee that all information is correct and up to date at the time of reading.

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