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Academy Ground: Spurs Lodge, Luxborough Lane, Chigwell, Essex IG7 5AB


Academy Director/Manager:                        Dean Rastrick – Academy Manager


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The Spurs Academy:

Tottenham Hotspur look at footballers from the ages of 8-23, this is unlike most premier league clubs and helps train the players in the Tottenham style of play. After looking at open trials, it is the clubs job to select 205 young players who will start the season for each age group. This means it is likely that just about anyone can be successful at this club given hard work and attitude to make it in this academy.

Tottenham Hotspur separate their academy into separate phases, these can be seen as;

  • The Foundation Phase – this is a more relaxed, low intensity training style that takes place on the weekends and after school, aimed at the youngest age group.
  • The Youth Development Phase – this is a step up and often the kids will still remain at their school to gain an education but will have more regular training out of school times and sometimes “Day Release” to practice before weekend games.
  • The Professional Development Phase – This is a full-time commitment signed in contract. The academy will provide the players with a basic education as well as ongoing football commitments.

FootieBugs have worked to replicate the same system within their training sessions and likewise can suggest a child to a local scout. In some cases, this can take them onto playing for professional clubs with the bigger opportunities than playing in a structured league.


Did you know?

Spurs have scored the most goals in a single game which came in a 9-1 win against lower league side Wigan. In the game, Jermaine Defoe broke a PL record of 5 goals for a player. It’s fair to say, Spurs haven’t been able to repeat this scoreline.


Academy Status: Tottenham are a category 1 status academy

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Category Status Three Teams



Spurs Academy Staff:

John McDermott started his career at the club in the summer of 2017 as Head of Coaching. His colleagues at the club have only positive comments when told about his arrival, 

Wayne brings experience and a fantastic set of attributes to the Academy. He’s a former player, league manager and youth coach at a variety of levels, most latterly as a coach with the Football Association.”

His professional record speaks for itself, with a long-spanning career in the top-flight league he can give these young players an insider to being part of the game we all know and love. 

Under-18’s coach Scott Parker is a big name for the clubs coaching staff. Having spent several years playing at Chelsea, West Ham and Spurs he is a player that is renowned for his work rate in midfield and has played against some of the best, Cristiano Ronaldo being one of them. This is an ideal candidate to coach young players looking to learn about what it takes to play good football and we agree that having ex professionals involved in an academy set-up is the best method of coaching.


How to get noticed by a scout

Generally, premier league clubs are closely following open trials as a way of pinpointing the newest talent, as well as having a vast network of scouts across the UK. Scouts are often preferential over structured leagues or with players of a high standard, playing together. This is one thing that FootieBugs academy can offer through our weekly training sessions and games against local teams managed by professional coaches. Because we cover a range of age groups at U6’s-U14’s we have a high demand for young upcoming talent and receive frequent scouts visiting our training sessions and matches. Due to the professional coaches we have available that have all played at a high level, we are able to distinguish which players are leagues above in terms of skill and can refer them onto Premier League clubs.


“If you’re good enough, generally they’ll find you.”



Tottenham Academy Scouting System:

After a scout has seen a player, they will usually contact them and invite them to a trial day, otherwise the more common method of finding talents from all over are through football trial days and football camps. FootieBugs goes the extra mile in making your job easier as a parent and a young footballer. With our focused training sessions, the FootieBugs Academy will try it’s best to match your ability with a club who will nurture your talent . We will shape a football player into a footballer, by working on improving the child’s overall game and their image to scouts at Premier League Clubs.

This is where the FootieBugs Academy thrives, not only will FootieBugs look to put players forward to Tottenham when they feel they are ready, but FootieBugs will also ensure Tottenham will be fully aware of what training each player will have received from the FootieBugs Academy and why the player has shown enough (Footballing skill as well as dedication and attitude) to be worthy of a trial.



If you feel your child shows promise and would like us to help them reach the level for us to recommend them to the Tottenham scouting network then please complete the following form:

Book an Academy Trial Today!



Tottenham Hotspur Academy trials

As you can imagine, a large number of young football players would like to join the Tottenham Academy set up and with clubs like Tottenham receiving trial requests all the time it’s very difficult to get noticed.

FootieBugs Academy believes that with correct training and dedication we can dramatically increase your chances of getting a trial with the Tottenham Academy.

Once a player reaches the standards that a club of Tottenham’s stature would expect then the FootieBugs team will do everything in its powers to introduce the player to the relevant Tottenham scout. 




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FootieBugs Academy FAQ’s


The FootieBugs Academy is an independent organization and not part of any specific football club. This allows us to offer an honest and fair view of any players’ ability and suitability to join a professional Football Club. Although we will do everything in our power to help young players develop, we are unable to guarantee every player a trial. If you are looking for official club information then please visit the club’s official website as we can-not guarantee that all information is correct and up to date at the time of reading.

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