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FootieBugs Testimonials!

     “FootieBugs is really enjoyable for the  children. the coach is really patient and make it fun for the children. The children touch the ball so much and it helps with their ABC’s.” Mark Adams – Parent, Solihull “Since getting her ‘WELL DONE’ letter from Gareth Barry, he has become her favourite player! She had […]

FootieBugs Interviews Gabby Agbonlahor!


Footiebugs Interviews ron Atkinson


FootieBugs Interviews Brian Little


Children and their imaginary friends

Did you know that around 65% children from pre-school to age 7 have created an imaginary friend at one time or another. Most imaginary friends are moved on after about 6 months and the majority of children have lost them by the time they start school. Imaginary friends are perhaps unsurprisingly most common amongst eldest […]

Concentration is the key to success

My child won’t do as they are told…  At FootieBugs we work with children aged 3-9 years old. However we not only work with the children but also the parents. Our regular contact with parents mean that our coaches often feedback and we notice some interesting trends. One of the most common trends is that […]

All good things come to an end

Starting a new job is never easy. It is not unknown for people to still be using the Sat Nav to find their way to their new place of work well into their second week. It can be nerve wracking, having to impress a new set of people and to build an identity for yourself. […]

FootieBugs Interviews Dr Who and Harry Potter Star David Bradley


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