FootieBugs football training for girls 7-13 years focus on more advanced football skills whilst encouraging social independence

At the FootieBugs Girls Academy we offer a comprehensive program tailored to the needs of girls aged 7-13, ensuring they receive the attention and support necessary for their development. We prioritise creating a nurturing environment where girls feel welcomed, valued, and safe to explore their passion for football!

Through a blend of structured training sessions and engaging activities, we focus on honing skills, enhancing tactical understanding, and fostering a love for the game. Our experienced coaches are committed to empowering each participant, instilling values of teamwork, resilience, and sportsmanship along the way.

Beyond the field, Our Girls Academy is a community where friendships are formed, confidence is built, and dreams are pursued. Join us as we embark on this empowering journey together, shaping the future of female football!

Beginner – Our girls-only football sessions offer a supportive and friendly environment where you can learn the fundamentals of football at your own pace, under the expert guidance of Coach Paige! This session is tailored to girls who are new to the sport or looking to brush up on a basic knowledge of the game and foundation level skills.

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Academy – Our elite football Girls Academy is tailored exclusively for advanced girls seeking to elevate their game in a supportive and empowering environment! Led by Coach Paige, the focus of the drills are unique to the needs of advanced female players, offering a dynamic blend of skill development, tactical insight, and competitive gameplay.

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Progressive Learning Outcomes for girls 7-13 years:

  •  Well structured and fun
  •  Fun Football for kids
  •  Balance between co-operative and competitive games
  •  Introduction to games with clear rules
  •  Introduction to mini  games
  •  Minimal on-site parental involvement in games

All FootieBugs programmes:

  • Are for girls
  • Provide an ideal introduction to football fundamentals
  • Have classes and coach ratios – consistent with childcare standards and guidelines
  • Prepare children for organised sport disciplines and routines
  • Challenge each child relative to their ability rather than against blindly elitist standards
  • Introduce children to vital social skill development experiences and team sport concepts
  • Operate in a nurturing, supportive, warm, caring and non-threatening manner
  • Involve the use of safechild friendly equipment
  • To ensure parents are aware of their child’s progress, we run a level system whereby children develop essential football skills and work their way through the levels. Click here to view the full breakdown of our level system!

The FootieBugs Guarantee

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