Proudly working in association with Premier League and Championship Professional Football Clubs helping recruit young players into their full time Academies!

This is our Academy DNA and what we set out to achieve in every class

The FootieBugs Football Academy is an elite childrens football training programme across the UK including Birmingham and Solihull for children aged U6s – U14s. We are the only coaching company across the country that directly recruits children into professional football clubs.


Our Football Academy allows children to develop as an individual in a safe, engaging and progressive environment. We make sure every session includes elements of ‘Fun’, encourages positivity and encourages children ‘to have a go’ and make mistakes. This enhancines children’s learning whilst keeping them motivated to come to each and every session. 


While maintaining our professionalism during our football training it allows us to create a tremendous relationship between coach and player, which leads onto teaching the players discipline through enjoyment. 


At our Academy we look at the complete picture, making sure you as parents understand what we are achieving with your children. We keep you updated with individual progression reports along with 1-1 and group meetings to update you on your child’s development. 


Since the academy launched in 2017, 84 plus children from the FootieBugs Football Academy were either signed or put on trial at top Premiership and Championship football clubs around the West Midlands alone.


If you would like to request a FREE TRIAL with the FootieBugs Football Academy to give your child this unique opportunity to get closer to become a professional football. Please fill in the form by clicking the button below:

The FootieBugs Football Academy philosophy is to get each child “one step closer to professional”.

How… The FootieBugs Football Academy has some of the best coaches around the country with 3 Key aims:


1.    To help children improve their technical ability on the football during football training


Through modules, we work on the finer details of improving the more advanced individual, looking into body shape and receiving on the back foot, first touch direction into space & away from danger, striking techniques, 1-1 using a combination of elite feet moves, feints, stops & starts and combination play. 



2.    To help children improve their tactical understanding in different football match situations


To allow the higher ability players to understand movement off the ball to create time and space, rotations and movements with teammates, learning how to move the ball progressively through the pitch to move the opposition and formations, to change game plans when needed.



3.  To help children remain positive in all aspects of the game to make them resilient to any negativity. A positive, happy and energetic child has a greater chance of success as they’re not held back by limitations.


Creating a mindset to make mistakes, take risks and try new things. Improve the level of frustration and channel energy in a disciplined manner ‘Learning is earning’.





All classes held at our Academy Home Ground:

Age GroupWhenTimeWhere

West Warwickshire Sports Complex

78 Grange Road


B91 1DA

5:00-6:00 pm
5.00-6.00 pm
U9SFriday5:00-6:00 pm







5:00-6:00 pm

5:00-6:00 pm


GoalkeepingFriday5:00-6:00 pm
Elite Development SquadFriday6:00-7:00 pm

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