FootieBugs Dads Day Tournament & Presentation 2017

FootieBugs Summer Holiday Camp 2017

FootieBugs Academy & Made In Birmingham TV

FootieBugs Academy Goalkeeping

FootieBugs Academy with Birmingham City F.C

FootieBugs Slough, Windsor & Maiden Head Easter Holiday Camp

FootieBugs Solihull Academy

FootieBugs Slough Holiday Camp

FootieBugs Slough 3-5 Class

FootieBugs Slough Birthday Party

FootieBugs Worcestershire Class

FootieBugs Solihull Birthday Parties

FootieBugs Slough Windsor & Maidenhead

FootieBugs February Holiday Camp 2015

FootieBugs Classes at Saint Martin’s

FootieBugs 7-9 Class at Solihull Six Form College

FootieBugs Spooky October Half-Term Camp 2014

FootieBugs Tudor Grange  Festival 2014

Club Legends Cup 2014

FootieBugs Little legends Cup Gathering

FootieBugs South Birmingham and Solihull

FootieBugs Worcestershire Class

FootieBugs Strike Zone Challenge

FootieBugs South Birmingham and Solihull class photos

FootieBugs Aston Villa Tour Day

FootieBugs 5-7 class at Saint Martin’s

FootieBugs Worcestershire Class

FootieBugs Solihull Class 2013

FootieBugs Classes at Saint Martin’s Week 2

FootieBugs Classes at Saint Martin’s

Birmingham Walk For Kids 2013


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