The FootieBugs Academy is an elite training progamme for children aged U6s – U14s. We are the only coaching company across the country that directly recruits children into professional football clubs.

During the 2016-2017 football season over 18 children from the FootieBugs Academy were either signed or put on trial at top Premiership and Championship football clubs around the West Midlands alone.

The FootieBugs Academy philosophy is to get each child “one step closer to professional”.

How… The FootieBugs Academy has some of the best coaches around the country with 3 Key aims:

1.    To help children improve their technical ability on the football

2.    To help children improve their tactical understanding in different match situations

3.    To help children remain positive in all aspects of the game to make them resilient to any negativity. A positive, happy and energetic child has a greater chance of success as they’re not held back by limitations.

If you would like to request a FREE TRIAL with the FootieBugs Academy to get your child “One step closer to professional” Please click on the relevant location below.




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