Don’t solve the wrong problem and don’t buy a business card


FootieBugs franchisee Ash Sammons brought his franchise for the right reasons and is now super successful

FootieBugs franchisee Ash Sammons brought his franchise for the right reasons and is now super successful

There are many good reasons for buying a franchise. The freedom of running your own business with the level of support you might expect in employment. A tried and tested business model that means you can avoid making obvious mistakes. Ultimately it is a great shortcut to owning and running your own successful business. But there are also a couple of reasons why people choose badly, they are either trying to solve the wrong problem or they want an impressive business card. Reputable franchisors will help you identify whether or not you should buy a franchise and become a franchisee. Keep reading and if either of the below points sound like you then perhaps you should not buy a franchise.

Want to get out the rat race, want to be your own boss, want to decide your own destiny, want to keep the profit and not just hand it over?. Of course you do, doesn’t everyone?

BUT, if you don’t want to invest in your future (quality time and money) then stay where you are and accept that although you might not be able to control your destiny and your boss gets all the cash at least you get paid each month (rain or shine).

I don’t mean to be nasty when I say people don’t want to invest in their future, but the truth is that if you want to win the lottery then you have to buy a ticket. Don’t buy a franchise because you hate your job, just find another job. Don’t buy a franchise because your boss earns all the money and you don’t like it. Buy a franchise because you want to enjoy what you are doing, because you deserve the rewards (you work hard for it) and if that is going to drive you to great success then take the gamble. But remember you are “buying” this opportunity so unless you are 100% committed to achieving your goals and being a great success all you will have done is brought yourself a new job. And a very expensive business card…

I wish I got £1 for every business card I get with “Group Managing Director of the World” on it, then find out they only can work on a Monday and Wednesday (as long as it’s not raining) because of this, that and the other. When people ask “what’s the best part of being a CEO” I say I get to make big decisions, and when people ask “what’s the worst part of being a CEO” I say people pass me all the big decisions.

If you want to work for yourself so you can feel good, then stop right now, because there will be times when you are not going to feel very good at all (letting staff go, missing family functions etc)

Being in charge of your own destiny means you get to choose the best holidays, buy the best gifts and when the time is right walk away with a great future, but you must never forget the work that goes in to getting that business card.

At FootieBugs we only accept the right people. If you are still interested in franchising after reading the above I recommend you check this out. It could be the perfect business opportunity for you!

Written by International Franchise and CEO of The Bugs Group Mark Goode.

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