Football Franchise Is Fun, But Not A Hobby

International Franchisor and CEO of the Bugs Group, Mark Goode

International Franchisor and CEO of the Bugs Group, Mark Goode

I am lucky. I love football and my business is football related. As an international franchisor and CEO of the Bugs Group I love my work, and the fact that I get to make a difference to the lives of thousands of children every week is really good. But just because I enjoy what I do, does not mean I do not work hard. In fact I work harder because of it. 

At FootieBugs we know we have a very appealing business opportunity. For those with a passion for football and who want to escape the rat race it really is a ‘no-brainer’.  Yet, for every new 3 franchisees we accept we turn one down. Our selection process is rigorous and this is because we want it to be the right decision for both parties.

One of the main reasons we turn people down is because we can see they view it as a hobby…

If you are looking to make a quick buck, spend lots of time “doing your own thing”, tell all your friends you own your own company or the favourite one “work flexible hours” then the odds are that you will have lost all your money in a very short amount of time. Buying a “real” franchise is about building a strong business and offering your customers a great service which results in them coming back over and over again. This can mean in the early days working long hours, coming out of your comfort zone, learning new skills and more than anything following a proven system (not doing your own thing)
Owning your own franchise business (and getting amazing rewards) is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Knowing that all your hard work is going to build you (and your family) a strong future is without doubt great satisfaction.
BUT, owning your own franchise business also means the buck stops at you, you are the leader not the follower, sometimes you must pay not be paid.
Some people want to buy a franchise because they read all about how they can “spend more time with the family”, they see photos of “fast cars and beach holidays” to demonstrate “look at the life you could have” but totally blank out the amount of “foundation” you need to build if you want to build a “real” future. I use the word foundation because just like a house, if you build a strong foundation then you build a strong house, but if you build a poor foundation (don’t put in the hours, don’t push yourself, don’t follow the processes, etc) then what happens – Your house falls down
If you want to work hard, put the hours in and listen, then you have a great chance to be very successful – but if not, then trust me Franchising is NOT for you.

Just like me our successful franchisees bounce out of bed on a Monday morning. At FootieBugs we inspire thousands of children every week and every week this number increases. We are always looking for the right people. If you love football and want to make it your life. Then give us a call 0121 777 7792

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