Football is keeping 12-year old off the streets!


Football is becoming more than just a game or a training session in today’s world, we have seen so many instances where football has helped children grow in confidence and realise their potential.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka, a local first-team footballer at Crystal Palace grew up in South London just like the children attending these sessions… showing that ANY child can get a chance to play for their favourite Premier League Side even in some of the most underprivileged areas in the UK.


Having previously worked specifically in South London, FootieBugs are proud to be associated with a group of talented youngsters looking to break into the professional game and play with top clubs.

We understand how difficult it is for children approaching teenage years to be distracted and get involved in anti-social behaviour, however, we try to re-introduce children back into the sport by offering football training where each player can develop their technical ability on a weekly basis.

Not only do our 5-12 classes teach children a skill that they can take with them in the next step of the footballing career but our coaches also teach each child qualities such as fair-play, respect, and teamwork that will shape the future generation of young footballers.


Want to join an academy of talented youngsters?

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