Lily is an incredible young footballer. Lily started with FootieBugs when she was 6 years old in our weekend community classes. After 2 years of skill development Lily then got offered to be a part of our FootieBugs Academy.

Lily’s game understanding on the pitch got better and better then she finally got the chance to trial at Birmingham City Ladies. She impressed the coaches that much she was offered a place after one session. We are extremely proud of Lily and what she has archived as a young footballer. A HUGE WELL DONE.

Edward started with FootieBugs when he was 3 years old. Whilst he was learning how to dribble with the football at his feet at such a young age in our weekend community class it was evident that Edward had a natural ability whilst also being the fastest in the group.

Edward showed so much skill that we moved him to our 5-7 age group when he was 4 and a half. He then excelled in that age group and it was just a matter of time before he got offered a place in our U 7’s academy group. Learning all the key skills from our academy Edward then got the chance to show his skills to Birmingham City Academy.

After the first session Carl the head scout rang us to say they were signing him and he is the quickest player in the group. We love Edwards’s journey as we have been lucky enough to see him develop for a number of years and we are so happy that he has been given the chance to take his skills to the next level. We are immensely proud of Edward and can’t wait to see what’s next for him. Well Done Ed!

Joshua started with FootieBugs when he was 3 years old, Joshua came to one of the first FootieBugs classes. It was apparent that he was naturally gifted to play football.

He was a brilliant dribbler and he understood every practice from a very young age. Joshua outgrew the 3-5 community classes very quickly and we moved him into the 5-7 years when he had just turned 4. Moving on from our community classes he joined our Academy U7s team at just the age of 5 where he was playing with players a year above him yet still holding his own.

Joshua then had the chance to go down to West Bromwich Albion to train, after a couple of training sessions we were told Joshua had been signed by West Brom. Seeing Joshua grow over the years on and off the field developing his personality and confidence within football makes up very happy and we are proud of what he has achieved so far. WELL DONE JOSHUA!

Conor was filtered into our U7s academy group through attending our holiday camps. Our coaches put Conor forward for an academy trial due to his ability to get past players using a great asset of skills with the ball along with body feints.

Conor like many children had a real passion for winning, this along with his experience with playing Gaelic football showed on the pitch that he wanted to be the best in 50/50 tackles and be first to the ball. Conor had a great ability of using his upper body strength to keep the ball with a good striking technique. Conor was then spotted at our academy on a Friday night at west Warwickshire by a BCFC Scout.

Conor went onto trialing and playing matches vs the likes of Arsenals academy, he was then asked to trial at his supporting team (Aston Villa) which he then went on to sign for. Another Great success story for our academy and we wish the best for Conor in the future. WELL DONE CONOR!

James Started FootieBugs attending our 3-5 classes at an afterschool club. Seeing James involved in our sessions showed us he has a great set of core skills from ball striking to running with ball at speed. James Enjoyed it very much and he moved over to our community class on a weekend.

James was great in this group and it showed week in week out that he was one of the most consistent players. Always looking like a physically and technically strong. James was offered a trial session at the Academy for U7s which we welcomed him into with ease due to his attitude and willingness to improve.

James was comfortable in possession and had a great ball strike where he scored many goals playing in matches against local grassroot teams. James moved up into the under 8’s, from this he was watched by BCFC scouts and he was given a trial from them for around 8 weeks. We have watched James work hard for a very long time in our academy and wish James the very best in what he goes on to achieve. WELL DONE JAMES!

Frankie is a player who you will see playing with a smile on his face constantly, Frankie was one of the first children to join FootieBugs when it launched many years ago, like many of our children at a very young age in our 3-5 age group on a weekend with his twin brother Billy.

Frankie went through our community classes moving into the 5-7 age group at the age of 5 , he is a player who loves the ball at his feet and always uses a great deal of turns, skills and feints to beat players. Frankie joined our U7s academy group at just the age of 5, he was one of the younger players playing against physically stronger team mates but he still showed desire to get on the ball and had the confidence to take risks by taking players on.

Frankie played for us in a number of tournaments and matches against professional and grassroot clubs where he was spotted by BCFC academy for creativity in his play. Frankie now plays week by week against professional clubs. WELL DONE FRANKIE, KEEP IT UP!

Evan was part of FootieBugs before the Launch of our FootieBugs academy, he was part of our Friday night elite group where he was very strong in maintaining possession with a use of upper body strength and desire to win the ball.

He moved over to be given a place at our academy in the U11s team. We was involved in a number of games against grassroot clubs giving him a lot more experience in game play improving his game management and positioning in match play. Evan was then given the chance to go down to the Aston Villa’s training ground Body Moor Heath for a Trial at the clubs. Evan moving on we would like to say well done and wish you all the best in the Future!

Ruby was a quite individual when we first saw her during one of our holiday camps, Ruby had a real passion for football and always loved competing against some of the older boys in competitions.

Ruby was invited over to our academy for the U10s where she was very good at holding the ball up and linking up with players, Ruby was a really good combination player. She had a great attitude during the session and went on to playing in the age group above hers.

After improving her technical balance and tactical game play she was invited for a trial at Aston Villa ladies team. She has now completed her Contract and we are very proud of her hard work. WELL DONE RUBY.

Ashton started at FootieBugs from a young age attending our holiday camps and community classes. Aston has a real confidence in having the ball at his feet, taking on players as well as being very strong defensively.

Ashton has been part of our U7s and U8s academy group where he played many matches against local grassroot teams. Being a strong player, he stood out in every game and had a great eye for goals when given the opportunity. Ashton’s attitude when at the academy allowed him to the learn positioning in 5v5 and 7v7 games much better along with his ability in and out of possession, he got himself a trial at Birmingham City Academy.

Carl the Academy director then gave us the news that Ashton had been Signed as he would be a great asset to the Academy. WELL DONE ASHTON ALL THE BEST!

Lewis is physically strong, mobile and a forward thinking player. He can pass well consistently off both feet and his range of passing is very advanced for his age.

Lewis came to us having had a trial at Birmingham City FC and unfortunately not getting offered a contract at the club. As Lewis walked onto the training pitch for his first session with FootieBugs, we knew it would only be a matter of a few tweaks to his game to get him signed up for another professional club. With Lewis hard work at home and on the training pitch he got offered a trial at West Bromwich Albion FC within six months of being at our Academy. Following a 6 week trial Lewis got accepted into their Academy which we are immensely proud of him for doing. WELL DONE LEWIS!!!

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