Graduates, Franchising and Football


“A graduate aged 21 has the same chance of being unemployed as a 16-year-old school leaver with one GCSE, official figures revealed yesterday. Around one in four of both groups is currently without a job. The shocking statistics highlight the problems facing graduates leaving university at a time of crisis in the jobs market.” (Daily Mail, Feb 2012)

There have never been so many talented people, so underused as there are now. If one in four are unemployed at least another 2 are probably in jobs they are over qualified for and so not even provided with an opportunity to reach their full potential. With an average of 6 unemployed people chasing every job, the situation shows no sign of improving. It is such a waste and it appears the situation may be terminal.

Yet, this should not be the case. Why do graduates not even think about franchising? Surely running your own business in a field related to your area of study has to be more attractive than stacking shelves, working in a restaurant or retail for minimum wage. In 2013 there are franchise opportunities and business opportunities to suit every interest and every price range. There is a franchise for everyone if they just knew to look for it.

The right franchisor will not take a graduates money unless they truly believe they are suitable and that they will be a success. Inexperience should not be a barrier to becoming a successful franchisee for the right person. An international franchisor such as FootieBugs will have created a business model that is tried and tested and will have made sure that bespoke training and support is in place. After all franchising should be a short cut to success. The franchisor should have already made the mistakes which means the franchisee does not have to. FooiteBugs which is part of The Bugs Group has 10 years franchising experience. By buying a franchise the franchisee instantly gets that experience. So a 21 year old graduate can take their knowledge and add 10 years experience straight away. Not even the best graduate programmes can offer that.

The beauty of franchising is that the business does not have to be related to the area of study but can be related to an area of interest. FootieBugs provides an opportunity for all those will a passion for football to make it their business. Such an opportunity should at least be explored.

If you are a graduate and would like learn more about franchising please give our Business Development Manager Rachel Gibson a call on 0121 777 7792, she will be delighted to answer any questions you may have and get you started on the search for finding the right franchise for you.




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