Here’s how FootieBugs are tackling Children’s Obesity Levels


At this moment in time, children are facing a big problem in terms of ‘coping with rising obesity levels’ and with almost a third of those aged 2-15 being classed as overweight, here at The Bugs Group we are saying NO to obesity and YES to children’s health.


The main problem that we have seen across the UK is that children are transitioning at the very early stages of their life. We believe that this is because there isn’t enough urgency on keeping fit in schools in today’s busy world. The Bugs Group are here to offer children a healthy way of living with all the fun included, which should go a long way in answering children’s obesity problems.


As a nation however, we are making massive changes to benefit children all over the UK… which is fantastic news! For example, over £10 million a year is being spent on kick starting healthy breakfast clubs in schools across the board and as this is just one of the extra-curricular activities that we offer, we know how helpful it has been to the children.


One example is our FootieBugs Breakfast Club which runs each morning and gets children engaged with sport in an enjoyable completely unique way. During this we play lots of different interactive games which the children can join in on, some are adventure-based and some are education based to help aid the children’s understanding in school lessons.


As we all know, all-inclusive physical activity is the best way to build each child’s confidence, which makes our classes ideal for children looking to start exercise without the stress of performing. With summer just around the corner, that can only mean one thing… our Holiday Camps are nearly here!


If you are looking for your child to have lots of fun, play a host of different games and maybe meet a new friend for life, then look no further! Our Holiday camps always bring the good weather too, so the only thing you need to worry about is remembering some sun cream.



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