Learn how to dribble like Messi…



Messi is one of the most illusive players in football when he has the ball at his feet, without debate.


We believe there is just something about his ability that separates him from every footballer at this moment in time, and even the rest of sporting history.


But FootieBugs are here to tell you that Messi is a product of nurture, not nature. Behind Messi’s success are a set of professional coaches that were willing to develop his physical and emotional development from day one, similar to our work here at FootieBugs.


So why is it that as fans, we are very quick to label him as “superhuman” when his footwork is really something that we are all capable of being able to do.


At our FootieBugs sessions we have seen some fantastic talent rise through and can see a lot of these young players having a bright future in football. With Messi approaching the end of his career, one of our ambitions is to find the next big star that can fill his boots.


This FootieBugs video will tell you all you need to know about how to walk, talk and play like Messi, or at least one of those…



We hope you enjoyed the video!

Don’t forget to try this footwork and remember to share the video with a friend so you can learn together. 






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