FootieBugs in Schools

FootieBugs offers a professional and fun football for kids from 3 – 11 years, that focuses on developing children emotionally as well as physically.


Combining exercise and imagination we use football to tell stories and engage children throughout as they learn through play. For older children we focus on fun skill based games that encourage them to work together as a team and develop their skills. Match play is brought into the end of the sessions to develop simple tactics for attacking and defending.


Class plans have been developed to improve children’s balance, agility and coordination as well as help improve their concentration, confidence and behaviour. FootieBugs coaches are trained to offer positive encouragement throughout the sessions and reward children not only for ability, but for behaviour and attitude in the class room through incentives such as ‘captains armband’ and ‘child of the week’.


FootieBugs sessions aim to achieve key outcomes for each child to develop,
the main outcomes ones are listed below;

  • Increase Confidence – Coaches offer positive encouragement throughout the sessions, our captain armband and child of the week incentives help less sport children achieve and the class plans are designed to be all inclusive, whatever ability.
  • Improves concentration and listening skillsChildren have to concentrate on the technical skills, speaking and listening skills are required to participate, classes are fun so children enjoy participating and want to listen, exercise helps circulate oxygen to the brain, which helps children focus.
  • Improve Social Interaction – Games encourage children to work together, children takes turns to play and learn to cope with success and failure, they learn to practice mutual respect and corporation.



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