Primary school bans football… Because of Neymar?


Home Farm Primary School in Colchester has banned football after seeing school children copying the theatrics of one of the world’s most expensive and talented footballers, Neymar Jr.


The Brazilian skipper has had a lot of backlash in this years World Cup after encouraging diving, wasting time and ‘pretending‘ to be hurt at times.

The angered Headteacher at Home Farm has said that he wants the children to go back to the rules of the game and has temporarily stopped football being played at the school altogether… enjoy playtime kids!


But what did the children think?


Well, the children at the primary school have been asked to sit down with the teachers and collectively write the rules so that the game is fair again.

The children weren’t best impressed when the ban first started, but they have since shown more respect playing football and have become focused more on playing as a team rather than copying professionals in the game.


We are very proud that our FootieBugs Academy teaches children the correct way to play the game, and coach bad habits out of each child that has potential. We have also seen how successful Neymar has been and realise that without diving he can be even better, which is something we remind our FootieBugs!


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