Who’s better – Messi or Ronaldo?

Millions of people across the world have debated this question over and over again, is it Ronaldo, or is it Messi, that’s the big question.

But how do you answer such a question?


Do you consider goals scored or do you focus on assists?

Do you consider medals won or do you focus on ability to control the ball?

Please help us decide!


Here at FootieBugs we have asked the question a thousand times, and still we have different opinions that change by the day or the week.

During our research into the question “Ronaldo or Messi,” we came across this interesting YouTube video from F2Freestylers asking the exact same question from a true footballers point of view. The two go into details about touches, goals, assists, even size and athleticism. Lets watch it together!


Ronaldo V Messi


I think we could all agree a great video and some great skills from the lads.

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