Why People Join FootieBugs!

Buying a franchise is a big decision, you may be taking that leap from employment to running your own business and you need to know it’s right for you. To help you with your decision, we have highlighted the top 10 reasons people buy a FootieBugs Franchise!

1. Tried and tested business model
We have been through everything you will go through and made the mistakes, so you don’t have to!. If you follow our business model you will be earning in excess of £30,000 in your first year and £50,000 in your second year!

2. Years of franchising experience
Since we first launched our franchise opportunity (YogaBugs) 10 years ago, we have been learning and improving year on year. We know what works and we want to let you in on that secret.

3. Strong and trusted brand
With a logo that stands out from the crowd, and through the BugsGroup, a history of over 10 years, we are trusted by parents and schools alike. It is your job to promote the brand in your area and get children to Catch the Bug!

4. A product wanted by both schools and parents
There is a market desperate for what FootieBugs can offer. Every governmental report on children’s health highlights the need for what FootieBugs can do; with parents paying on average £800 a year for their children’s activities and with schools being given funding to improve Primary school PE, FootieBugs is on top of the game.

5. No other children’s activity can do what FootieBugs does
FootieBugs benefits children well beyond the sessions. Children learn through play, developing physically and socially using their imagination. Classes have been created to build children’s confidence and the self-esteem, encouraging interaction with others in a positive way.

6. Successful franchisees across the UK
The FootieBugs network is constantly growing. We have franchisees across the UK who come from a range of different back grounds and operate in areas with totally different demographics. It can work anywhere and we want YOU!

7. Great marketing support that wins you more business
The success FootieBugs is totally dependent on your success. FootieBugs are the only franchisor to give you £300 per month to market your business. In turn, HQ are on the hunt to always find new ways to help market your company and spread the word of FootieBugs in your area.

8. Head Office team and support
Our dedicated and experienced team are there to help you build a successful business; offering support and advise on everything from sales and marketing, managing your coaches and operating your database. You will have monthly targets to grow your business and your support manager will be in contact with you weekly to ensure you are meeting them.

9. Huge return on relatively low investment
Compared with most franchises £15,000 is comparatively cheap. It is certainly good value as you receive half of this back almost straight away in training and resources. With first year earnings of over £30,000 can you afford not to take this opportunity?

10. Buying a business in a box
With a FootieBugs franchise you will be supplied with everything you will need to run a successful business from sales tools and quality designed marketing material to coaches contacts and policies – The rest is then down to you!

If you would like more information about FootieBugs franchise opportunity please contact Lisa Applebee-O’Connor on 0121 777 77792 / franchise@footiebugs.com

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