Is your child football mad? Are you looking for extra training to enhance your child’s  football skills? FootieBugs is perfect for children who simply want to play football and for those who may already be involved with a club and looking for professional football training.
Coaches demonstrate a range of the moves slowly and consistently, all aimed at improving the child’s ability within the game. The children practice these and through a number of further demonstrations the coaches are able to correct any errors and gradually increases the intensity of the session.

FootieBugs 7-9 years children’s football activity programmes progresses to perform more advanced skills in game situations. We start to develop tactical training focused on when & why to perform these skills relative to your position and role within a team. Includes transition, speed of play, combination play, changing the point of attack, principles of attack and defence, attacking and defending set pieces.
To ensure parents are aware of their child’s progress, we run a level system whereby children develop essential football skills and work their way through the levels. Click here to view the full breakdown of our level system!

Progressive Learning Outcomes for 5-7 years:

  • Well structured and fun
  • Fun football for kids
  • Increasingly competitive games but with emphasis on performance rather than result
  • More developed appreciation of rules
  • Increased range of mini games
  • Increased emphasis on respect for opponents, coach / referee
  • No parental involvement in games.

There are lots of positive reinforcement to encourage and improve children’s focus, attention and build their confidence.

All FootieBugs programmes:

  • Professional and fun football for both boys and girls
  • Provide an ideal introduction to football fundamentals
  • Have classes and coach ratios – consistent with childcare standards and guidelines
  • Prepare children for organised sport disciplines and routines
  • Challenge each child relative to their ability rather than against blindly elitist standards
  • Introduce children to vital social skill development experiences and team sport concepts
  • Operate in a nurturing, supportive, warm, caring and non-threatening manner
  • Involve the use of safe, child friendly equipment
  • Are deliberately non-elitist

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