FootieBugs Children’s Football Classes in Solihull!


FootieBugs provide fun children’s football classes in Solihull for children from the ages of three to nine, with Academy classes available for children up to age 13! Our football classes help to introduce kids to football from an early age and help to develop their football skills, whilst building their confidence, social skills and above all, making sure they have lots of fun! Classes are open to both boys and girls and run at a number of venues across Solihull and South Birmingham!

FootieBugs 3-5 Year Old Classes

FootieBugs classes begin at the 3-5 year old age group, offering an introduction to football through fun and structured play! As children begin to learn about football, they will follow fun story themed adventures and will always have a football at their feet! Stories can range from Supercar Adventures, to Paw Patrol and even blasting off into space! The classes offer a pressure free environment, where children are actively encouraged to develop at their own pace as they learn the basic football skills, whilst being made to feel like superstars by our FootieBugs coaches – helping boost all children’s confidence and self-esteem levels!

FootieBugs Children's Football Classes in Solihull

FootieBugs 5-7 Year Old Classes

As children grow older and begin to develop their core skills, the next step is the 5-7 year old class. Classes in this age group begin to place a greater focus on more advanced skills and play mini-games. The games children play are more structured with clear rules, but also maintaining the fun element and positive encouragement of children! An element of competitiveness is also introduced into some of the games, as well as co-operation with other players – developing strong team cohesion and social interaction between one another!

FootieBugs Children's Football Classes in Solihull

FootieBugs 7-9 Year Old Classes

The final stage of FootieBugs community classes are for the 7-9 age group. At this age group, children begin to learn and practice more advanced skills, putting them into game situations. An element of tactical training is also introduced, educating children on the other side of the game by learning about principles of attack and defence, roles and positions within a team and the appropriate times and reasons to use specific skills. The range of mini-games increases and they begin to adopt more rules, teaching children to respect opponents, referees and coaches. Games become more competitive, but a greater emphasis is placed on performances rather than winning/losing. Children that begin to show an elite level of performance in their ability and work rate may be invited for a trial with the FootieBugs Academy, where the most talented children in Solihull are trained to become ‘One Step Closer to Professional.’

All of our children’s football classes in Solihull place children’s enjoyment and having fun as our top priority and our FootieBugs coaches ensure that all children leave sessions with a smile on their face! We offer a free taster session to all of our children’s football classes in Solihull – to book a free taster or find your nearest class, please call 0121 777 7792 or click here.


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