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Our FootieBugs classes for kids make keeping fit more enjoyable everyday…

By making children smile, express themselves through sport and make friends for life at our classes there is nothing that our coaches look forward to more.

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Not only do our Community Classes run all throughout the year but our Footie Academy is available for children all over the country to be part of an exclusive club which they can brag about the next day at school, with fast-paced drills and technical training from some of the best coaches around, it is the best place to develop your child in a fun, pressure-free environment.


It’s a fact that we coach children of all levels of football and nurture their skills, but we can also make their dream of playing for favourite clubs a reality.


As well as recruiting young talent for our Elite Football Academy based at West Warwickshire Sports Centre but we are also actively seeking out players for our partners at Birmingham City Academy where they can have the feel of playing for a Category 1 Club but with our coaches help, will be fully prepared to play with the best young players in their age group.


We are so lucky to be in a generation where children have all the best opportunities available to them.


As kids, everyone said that making it in football was an impossible ambition…

But players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar all started in the same place… at an Academy System, which is why here at FootieBugs we want to help your children take one step closer to professional.

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