New studies show children’s exercise levels decrease as early as SEVEN!

The British Journal of Sports Medicine yesterday reported that children are becoming less active from the age seven, with sitting being the main culprit in replacing physical activity. Their study showed that seven year olds can spend around half of their day sitting, rather than being active, which in turn can lead to obesity and increased health risks at an early age.

The NHS report that children should be getting at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day, a figure that is not usually met within schools.

Here at The Bugs Group, we believe that this is an alarming issue that needs to be addressed by everyone, especially schools and parents. This 60 minute figure is a minimum and should be surpassed daily as part of a child’s healthy active lifestyle.

We understand that not every child looks forward to physical activities, but we believe the key to engaging them in exercise is through the use of storytelling and imagination, as children are learning and engaging in physical activity through play.

This way, children view physical activity in a completely different manner and look forward to sessions where they go on adventures, all whilst getting the exercise they need.

Through Yoga, Footie, Dance and Multi Sports, children can engage in a wide variety of different activities through either school based lessons, extracurricular clubs or holiday camps, meaning that one hour of daily exercise can always be met and most importantly, children have fun and enjoy this physical activity.


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