Coach Connor for the Derby job?!

  After hearing the news that Frank Lampard got the Derby County job, we were over the moon for him here at FootieBugs. But, at the same time we couldn’t help but think about how our very own coaches might just be a better fit in a managing role. Frank Lampard     Coach Connor […]

Learn how to dribble like Messi…

    Messi is one of the most illusive players in football when he has the ball at his feet, without debate.   We believe there is just something about his ability that separates him from every footballer at this moment in time, and even the rest of sporting history.   But FootieBugs are here […]

The Best Champions League XI Ever?!

  This is always a question that divides opinion, but what makes it so hard to answer, shouldn’t it be easy?   Do you go old? Maldini, Ronaldinho, Zidane… Or   Do you go new? Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo…   At FootieBugs we enjoy the old school, no-nonsense defenders like Maldini and Vidic, but can appreciate […]

The Neymar Jr Crossbar Challenge – With F2Freestylers

  In this YouTube video Billy & Jezza from F2Freestylers had the pleasure of meeting up with Neymar Jr to see just how good he is at the crossbar challenge. FootieBugs feels this is a great video that demonstrates just how talented he is and what is possible for young footballers in today’s game. And […]

Who’s better – Messi or Ronaldo?

Millions of people across the world have debated this question over and over again, is it Ronaldo, or is it Messi, that’s the big question. But how do you answer such a question?   Do you consider goals scored or do you focus on assists? Do you consider medals won or do you focus on […]

Top 5 Messi Super Moves

  We all know that Lionel Messi is a world class attacker, but have you ever had a close look at the skills he possesses. The way in which he gets his opponents to believe he is going one way then changes direction and leaves them standing. Here at FootieBugs we are always looking at how […]

Top 5 Ronaldo Super Moves

  We all know that Ronaldo is a world class footballer, but have you ever had a close look at the skills he possesses. The ease in which he gets the edge over his opponents is hard to believe sometimes, Lets be honest if anyone makes it look easy its Cristiano Ronaldo. Here at FootieBugs […]

The All Girls FootieBugs Academy is Here!

Last week, FootieBugs were proud to announce that we are opening an All Girls FootieBugs Academy in Solihull!   The announcement came as part of the celebrations for Girls’ Football Week, which is a campaign organised by the FA to increase the number of girls participating in football! After the recent success of the England […]

FootieBugs Children’s Football Classes in Solihull!

  FootieBugs provide fun children’s football classes in Solihull for children from the ages of three to nine, with Academy classes available for children up to age 13! Our football classes help to introduce kids to football from an early age and help to develop their football skills, whilst building their confidence, social skills and […]

Easter Holiday Camps in Solihull Review!

  We had an extremely busy but enjoyable time at our FootieBugs and DanceBugs Kids Holiday Camps in Solihull this Easter- making sure children kept active throughout the holidays through fun football and dance games and activities!   The FootieBugs football Holiday Camp Solihull had two weeks jam-packed full of fun football mini-games and matches, with […]

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